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Why Sagebrush Dental?

We think good isn’t good enough.

Sagebrush Dental: Craft, not just high technology

The Personal Approach

Sagebrush Dental uses the latest technology to help educate and collaborate with their patients, not drive up prices. As a craftsman as well as a technician, Dr. Jurges’ highly professional approach relies on the personal, down-to-earth connection he makes with his patients.
SageBrush Dental is a in network and a preferred provider for almost every major insurance company in the valley. For patients that are uninsured, he offers competitive prices as well as a subscription program to make dental care affordable.

Biomimetic dentistry

This term encompasses the care you will receive at Sagebrush Dental. Biomimetic uses the Greek words “bio” meaning life and mimeme which means to imitate. At Sagebrush dental we want to preserve natural tooth structure by using the latest and most advanced bonding materials to seal and preserve your tooth. Dr Jurges imitates natural tooth structure with life like bonded restorations that preserve natural tooth structure. This means you are less likely to receive a crown and more likely to have your tooth restored with bonded tooth colored composite. Crowns and root canals may be necessary in certain cases, but are a last resort to seal and protect a tooth. This means you preserve more of your natural tooth and have an overall lower cost of dental care.

With flexible hours and a comprehensive approach, his patients say they literally feel treated as if they were family.

Comprehensive Care

We want you to leave our office with a smile that comes not just from your teeth, but from inside. Become engaged by really understanding what’s going on with your teeth; what you need and what you don’t; what will help and what won’t. Walk out with more than a bill. Walk out with pictures, and a plan.

Comprehensive dental care means we provide full service dentistry with a smaller physical footprint to reduce inefficiencies and decrease overhead. Will dental treatment hurt? Dr Jurges uses a variety of techniques to ensure you have a comfortable experience. He uses some of the most powerful topical gels as well as special anesthetics that are Ph balanced so that your tooth peacefully goes to sleep before dental procedures. With flexible hours and a comprehensive approach, his patients say they literally feel treated as if they were family.


Dr. Jurges and his staff were an absolute pleasure to work with. I felt immediately at ease and they did a great job with my cleaning. I am about to go back for more work and will be using them as my regular dentist moving forward. The facility was clean and state of the art. I am recommending him to all of my friends in the area!
Jessica M.

Gonna be honest here, I fear Dentists. I had a tooth that has been bothering me for some time and I figured it was time to take care of it. I contacted Dr. Jurges and scheduled an appointment for a Friday morning giving myself plenty of time to heal from the tooth nazis. I was welcomed arriving my appointment with a friendly staff that had no idea of my Dental nightmares. When my name was called, my heart sunk! I shaking knee got up and went back and sat in the chair with my heart racing!! They brought me a blanket to my surprise that melted my fears. The blanket relaxed me, abled me to talk, and listen to Dr. Jurges findings. He was very precise and thorough! I was scared non the less, as my neglegations make this my fault. The man worked MAGIC!!! Completely pain free!!!! I had no clue as to any shot being placed!!! This man is a tooth magician!! He has literally taken my fear of dentists away!
Sean P.

The best dental experience I have ever had! Amazingly pain free and Dr. Jurges takes great pride in doing high quality work
Dan P.

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